Qualified Workforce

OYAK Mining Metallurgy work with employees who:

  • Have adopted the corporate culture, mission, vision and values of İsdemir,
  • Are leading, proactive, productive, problem solving and investigative individuals,
  • Focus on the corporate objectives, their work and the future,
  • Are active participants that believe in open communication, team work and create synergy and add value,
  • Are market and client oriented,
  • Are efficient, dynamic, professional and qualified,
  • Are innovative and who make a difference; and
  • Are, above all else, happy and content.

We implement a performance management system in order to identify employee objectives in line with our corporate objectives, evaluate their contribution to our business, meet their development requirements, recognise their work and increase work efficiency. We use our findings of this assessment in training and career development plans.

To improve the vocational knowledge and experience of our employees and improve our efficient, inclusive and innovative work force profile, we deliver vocational and personal development trainings, provide opportunities to attend national/international seminars, congresses and workshops at all stages of their work. In 2013, at İsdemir we delivered a total of 287 thousand 857 hours of training to 31 thousand 074 participants and at Isdemir 207 thousand 414 hours of training to 29 thousand 174 participants. These figures were 6 thousand 305 hours to 271 participants in Ermaden and 5 thousands 97 hours to 305 participants in Erdemir Mühendislik. Within the scope of cost, efficiency and energy trainings we regularly conduct every year, in 2013 only we delivered 1368 hours of training per person. Within the framework of a comprehensive special programme, in the Environment Awareness Training we have been regularly delivering since 2010, we trained 972 personnel (5832 participant/hour) to date.

At İsdemir, particularly for our blue collar employees, we deliver systematic on the job courses which are required for specific titles.

2013 2012 2011 2010
Total Training Hours (Attendance Hours) 287.857 150.740 358.741 303.860
Number Of Training Hours Per Person 44,47 31,7 53 44,86

Participation in congresses, conferences and seminars

Some 876 İsdemir employees and 291 Isdemir personnel attended congresses, conferences and seminars during the year. In order to support employees’ professional development and to help staff keep up-to-date with new technologies, OYAK Mining Metallurgy provided personnel the opportunity to become familiar with the products and technologies of various domestic and overseas companies during the year. In addition, OYAK Mining Metallurgy representatives met with students during various university career days and informed them about the career opportunities available at İsdemir.

Distance learning method

Under the İsdemir Academy E-Learning Project, a distance learning method that allows employees to reach knowledge quickly at any time and from any place, İsdemir administered 340 training sessions to 257 personnel at the Ereğli location and 2,356 training sessions to 287 staff members at the Istanbul location. These distance learning type initiatives have become part of the fabric of everyday life and have turned training into a daily workday routine for İsdemir employees.

A dynamic learning model

Erdemir and Isdemir employ the Intra-Unit Training System as a dynamic learning model where information and experience resulting from continuous questioning and improvement of on-the-job business conduct are shared. As part of this effort, 1,269 instructors administered training courses to 5,467 Group company employees.

Internship programs

With 1,106 students completing internships in 2013, İsdemir Group implemented applications for tracking the competencies of interns to recruit them to the Company in the future.

Continuous Improvement

Actively encouraging employee participation in improvement initiatives with a questioning approach, OYAK Mining Metallurgy fosters working environments conducive to continuous improvement becoming part of business conduct and successfully employs Suggestion Systems and Improvement Teamwork Initiatives. Making improvements in a large number of areas, from occupational health and safety to customer satisfaction, productivity to sustainability, as part of this effort, İsdemir Group created US$ 13 million of value-added in 2013.

Health And Social Services

Providing a healthy and safe working environment for employees is among OYAK Mining Metallurgy's highest priorities. The Group carries out preventive medical services, new employee health examinations, periodic examinations, initiatives to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, follow-up care services for recovering employees, first aid and emergency treatment services at the fully-equipped health centers located within the Ereğli and İskenderun plant premises. The Group also administers first aid certification trainings on an ongoing basis.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy provides social facilities for the exclusive use of employees on the Ereğli and İskenderun campuses. In addition to employee housing, personnel and their families also have access to a wide range of recreational facilities and services including childcare centers, restaurants, athletic and cultural activity areas, guesthouses, beaches and swimming pools.

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