İsdemir Approach

OYAK's believes that “humans can coexist in harmony with the nature and respect the social, economic and environmental needs of existing and future generations only by ensuring that the concept of sustainability is internalized at every step of human activities”, and this very idea is the foundation stone of OYAK’s sustainability efforts. OYAK Mining Metallurgy is well aware that maintenance of life quality, welfare level, economic competitiveness, employment opportunities and ecosystem depends on common natural capital. Fundamental principles of OYAK’s sustainability approach and relevant activities are included in OYAK’s 2013 annual report.

İsdemir and Sustainability

Steel is the most important engineering and construction material in the modern world and is indispensable to further growth and development. Steel, used in every aspect of our lives, will continue to play a significant role in sustainable development in the next century.

Steel industry played a major role in the development of humanity, and today, it is adopting modern practices to meet global steel demand in a sustainable manner. These practices support green economy, which is defined by the UN Environment Program as a “model which results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities”.

Steel is of critical importance for green economy technologies and industries, particularly for the period in 2030-2050. Many elements of sustainable economy such as renewable energy, resources, energy efficient buildings, low carbon emission transportation, clean energy vehicles with low fuel consumption, and infrastructure of recycling plants, depend on steel.

Our Group fulfills its responsibilities for a sustainable development by continuously improving its production technologies, energy and resource efficiency, mitigating environmental impacts, offering innovative solutions to client industries, recycling and recovery activities, creating direct and indirect employment opportunities and contributing to the welfare of its employees and the society.

İsdemir, the flagship of OYAK's, which has been expanding its capacity since starting its operations in 1975, is growing in a sustainable manner for all of its stakeholders with its robust economic performance, environmental sensitivity, and commitment to meeting expectations of its employees and the community. Sustainability is one of the pillars of corporate management approach of our Group.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy builds and maintains good relations with national and international unions, associations, and chambers in order to exchange knowledge, discuss common strategic issues and find solutions to problems with the actors in the steel industry and other industries. Therefore, İsdemir is a member of numerous organizations including the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Turkish National Committee, Worldsteel, Turkish Steel Producers Association, İstanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, and the World Energy Council.

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