Climate Change

At İsdemir we conduct a series of studies to trace carbon footprints in order to fulfill our duty related to climate change.

We calculate CO2 quantities taking into account fuel quantities, and raw materials with C content. During feasibility studies of new investments, we assess CO2 quantities to be generated or reduced. All national and international developments related to climate change, CO2 emissions, CO2 quantities reduced through energy efficiency are assessed within the framework of the Environmental Management Process and reported to the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In line with the decision made in 2010 to calculate CO2 reductions through energy efficiency and certification of projects reducing CO2 emissions, we continue with the CO2 certification of our energy efficiency projects.

İsdemir also acts in coordination and collaboration with relevant NGOs. İsdemir is the Deputy Chairman of TOBB-Environment and Climate Change Committee and Turkish Steel Producers Association Environmental Committee. Furthermore, we are a member of the Greenhouse Gases Reduction Task Force established by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

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