In order to mitigate environmental impact of our operations, we attach importance to afforestation efforts, since forests help absorbing greenhouse gases. In the last two years, we planted 3706 trees at İsdemir.

We also evaluate all aspects of biodiversity in our modernization efforts and investment projects subject to the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation, and take necessary measures.

Our mining operations at Ermaden inevitably cause changes in the topography of the field, and therefore we ensure that our production plans contain necessary mitigation actions to avoid harming the environment. We take into account potential environmental risks and impacts before starting our operations to ensure rehabilitation is carried out effectively. Therefore, various strategies are developed to preserve biodiversity, and the activities are carried out as planned in line with these strategies.

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, rehabilitation activities start at the planning stage of a quarry, and continue before and during production. Upon completion of production activities, natural areas are abandoned according to pre-determined objectives.

In order to achieve rehabilitation and protection objectives, before starting afforestation works, various studies are conducted to determine topographical structure of the land and characteristics of the soil, and to identify whether the land where trees will be planted could be used for another purpose. Collaboration is made with specialist companies and forest departments of universities to make soil analyses and to find the right species to be planted at the right time. The size of saplings to be planted, the planting frequency, and planting procedures are all determined as a result of scientific studies.

Year No. of Trees Planted (pcs) Abated CO2 emissions (ton) Coverage Area (hectares or km²)
2011 11.250 3.983 105.000
2012 21.900 8.511 166.000
2013 6.500 2.526 52.500

TEMA Foundation carbonmeter values were used to calculate CO2 emissions based on number of trees. It is considered that 0.38866 tons of CO2 emission is abated for each tree planted.

Under the Regulation on Rehabilitation of Lands Degraded by Mining Activities, 16 Rehabilitation Projects were prepared and approved in different provinces in Turkey.

Agreements executed with our contractors contain a provision requiring them to plant 100 trees for every year.

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