At İsdemir, we believe that we can maintain our position in the Turkish and global iron and steel market through continuous development and motivation of our qualified human resources.

With this belief, we invest first in our people, focusing on practices that support our corporate values and activities that develop our human resources. We reflect this approach on all our employees, starting from recruitment.

In our employees, we always prioritize qualities such as dedication, focus on quality, putting emphasis on customer satisfaction, leadership, transparency, modesty, efficiency and reliability.

Because of our fast-growing, dynamic structure which is open to change and learning, we have comprehensive programs in place to ensure that new members adopt the corporate culture.

As a flexible and sensitive company that supports change and is run by values;

We undertake investments in every area to add value to our employees and the organization so that our employees can feel safe and, trusting and building on their knowledge and experience, we feel confident about the future.

Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources Policy aims to ensure that our activities are performed in accordance with our values and improved continuously; improvements are standardized and based on measurable outcomes; and Company employees comprise people who:

  • Produce information,
  • Come up with solutions for problems,
  • Take responsibility and lead our practices.

Accordingly, our main approaches will include:

  • Prioritizing meeting workforce requirements from within the Company and ensuring competency-based employment,
  • Prioritizing regional employment resources from among qualified candidates,
  • Predicting and clearly planning employees’ careers based on existing and potential competencies,
  • Contributing to individual development by offering opportunities for the employees’ parallel career expectations in line with corporate needs,
  • Institutionalizing intellectual knowledge,
  • Ensuring the continuity of learning and improvement within a lean organizational structure,
  • Clear definition of decision-making authorities in the performance of tasks, distribution of these authorities to relevant employees, building individual and corporate relations based on trust,
  • Questioning of systematic structures and business standards instead of individual employees in case of business-related mistakes, by embracing a positive corporate culture,
  • Ensuring that the company’s ethical values are identified and adopted,
  • Building systematic structures that will directly contribute to motivation,
  • Providing an environment of occupational health and safety that meets global standards.
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