İsdemir continues investing in new practices and methods for its Training-Development Activities. Our employees are supported in many areas, primarily in technical (professional), personal and leadership development, through internal and external training programs.


To develop and retain happy, flexible, agile, development-oriented human resources that respect the society, humanity and environment and can make OYAK Mining Metallurgy a world-class company and ensure that this position is sustainable.


  • Undertaking necessary training activities to realize the organization’s strategies
  • Training employees so that they are loyal to the organization and respect its values
  • Supporting the employees’ managerial, individual and professional development
  • Supporting the corporate culture with development activities
  • Undertaking acts of social responsibility and activities that support the society and environment

İsdemir 2019 Training Details

Company Number of Participants Total Time (Hours)
İsdemir 36.346 189.710

Apprenticeship Programs

By offering apprenticeship opportunities to university and vocational high school students, İsdemir helps the youth expand their professional knowledge and gain experience at a corporate company before starting their professional life.

The Company also offers internship opportunities to help final year undergraduate students better adapt to professional life as part of the University-Industry collaboration.

Healthcare and Social Services

Meals and Transportation

Meals and personnel shuttles are made available for all employees.

Sports Activities

In addition to İsdemir Football Team and İsdemir Women’s Basketball Team, Football and Street Basketball Tournaments are organized.

Cultural Activities

Relations among employees are developed with activities such as İsdemir Music Society, Folklore Club, Cinema Days and Art Exhibitions.

Continuous Improvement

In 2004, İsdemir launched a Suggestion System as an improvement method through which employees could share their innovative ideas in a tolerant and open-minded environment. With İSÖS (İsdemir Suggestion System), employees contribute to improvement efforts and are encouraged for team work, innovation and creativity.

In 2008, the “Lean Management” approach was adopted and improvement efforts were continued with “Kaizens”, a second methodology for improvement.

Successful team members are recognized and rewarded by the senior management at periodic Kaizen and İSÖS sharing meetings.

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