Recruitment Process

In line with our corporate strategic goals and vision, the aim of recruitment process at Human Resources is to evaluate those candidates who possess the competencies required by the job according to job analyses and job descriptions, with the principle of “the Right Person for the Right Job”.

Human Resources manages the interview and evaluation stages by using internal/external resources in collaboration with relevant departments, in accordance with the recruitment needs identified according to the annual staffing plan, new investments and results of the career planning process.

The recruitment process at İsdemir consists of 5 stages:

English Proficiency Test

Candidates who are graduates of engineering or business administration faculties are required to have English fluency. TOEFL results are required as proof of foreign language proficiency and candidates should have a minimum score of 60. Candidates applying for positions that require using English frequently for daily work should have a minimum TOEFL score of 70.


A Personality Inventory is given to candidates who are engineering or business administration graduates in order to identify their dominant personality traits and evaluate the types of jobs at which they can be more productive.

During recruitment for other positions, Psycho-technical Tests are given as a behavioral measurement method for identifying different aspects of an individual.

Human Resources Interview

A preliminary interview is held with candidates by the Human Resources Directorate.

Panel Interview

A joint interview is held by relevant department managers and Human Resources managers with candidates who are engineering and business administration graduates.

Medical Examination

Candidates are required to undergo a medical examination to find out if they have a medical condition which may hinder their employment at the workplace.

Candidates that complete all stages successfully start working at İsdemir after necessary approvals and permissions are completed.

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