Hot-Rolled Flat Steel Products

Flat steel products which are obtained by rolling at a specific temperature the rectangular semi-finished product (slab) produced with continuous casting.

- Rolls or sheet metals: Rolls or sheet metals vertically cut/sliced from rolls, with a thickness of 1.20-25.00 mm.

- Plates: Products with a thickness of 6.00 - 200.00 mm and width of 1000-3600 mm.


Being Turkey’s only integrated plant producing both flat and long steel products, İsdemir produces billets and coils from high-quality and high-purity ore.

Billets: İsdemir produces billets for various sectors, with a square cross-section of 100x100 mm and 160x160 mm and standard length of 6-12 m. The following grades of billets are produced depending on their area of use:

  • Steel for production of patterned reinforcing bars
  • Structural steel for production of angle bars and profiles
  • Steel for production of structural steel shapes for vessels
  • Chromium-alloy, high-carbon steel for automotive industry

Coils: Turkey’s first and only integrated coil producer, İsdemir aims to meet customer expectations at the highest level with the high-purity ore used for production and the company’s long years of experience. The coil rolling plant is capable of producing coils with a nominal diameter ranging between 5.5 mm and 16 mm. The coils produced at İsdemir are used in the production of commercial products such as mesh, wire and nails as well as industrial products such as bolts, nuts, electrodes, springs and chains.


The portfolio of process byproducts produced at İskenderun plants include motor benzol, pure benzol, toluol, xylol, raw tar, ammonium sulfate (artificial fertilizer), iron sulfate and granulated blast furnace slag.

See our products catalogue for detailed information about our products.

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