Respecting the environment, embracing and spreading environmental awareness, using all resources effectively and efficiently, encouraging multi-faceted communications, contributing to the awareness level and development of stakeholders, continuously improving the Company’s environmental performance, and leaving behind an inhabitable world for the future generations all form the foundation of OYAK Mining Metallurgy corporate culture. OYAK Mining Metallurgy is committed to acting in accordance with the principles stipulated in its environmental policy, namely:

  • Reducing waste, encouraging recovery, and collecting and disposing of waste properly,
  • Using natural resources effectively,
  • Employing clean production technologies in its capital investments in line with the Company’s sustainable development goal,
  • Taking necessary measures to minimize the impacts of industrial accidents on people and the environment.

Constantly monitoring the environmental performance of its companies via internal and external audits under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OYAK Mining Metallurgy uses the feedback it receives from the audits to structure improvement initiatives.

Leading with its intellectual capital

The Group participates in symposiums, conferences, seminars and business networking events organized on a wide variety of platforms in Turkey and abroad, and shares the Company’s intellectual capital, successful practices and innovations. As part of this initiative, the Group shared its know-how and experience on “Waste Management at İsdemir” at the Waste Management Symposium held in Antalya on April 14-18, 2013; on “İsdemir Environmental Performance Index and Sustainability Initiatives” at the Konya Selçuk University Sustainable Practices Conference held on March 22, 2013; and on “Environmental Performance Index and Environmental Management Process” at the Izmir Sustainable Development Dialog Conference held on February 15, 2013.

Informed employees

Acting with the awareness that well-informed employees play an active role in increasing the Company’s environmental performance, OYAK Mining Metallurgy administers training programs for employees on classifying and collecting waste, global warming and climate change, large-scale industrial accidents, the İsdemir Environmental Management System and recycling of waste, water and energy conservation. The Group provided training for 1,189 employees in 2013 in an effort to internalize environmental protection awareness.

Energy efficiency

OYAK Mining Metallurgy companies rank among the most successful firms in the iron and steel industry in terms of specific energy consumption, a major performance indicator in the sector.

With the close oversight and strong support of management, OYAK Mining Metallurgy sees energy efficiency as an important area for capital investment. Operating in the steel industry, which is a heavy user of energy, the Group’s companies constantly work to improve their energy management approach and their related performance due to its importance for sustainability of both production and the environment.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy is committed to act in accordance with the principles stipulated in its energy policy, namely:

  • Implementing innovations in technology that enhance energy efficiency,
  • Taking maximum advantage of byproduct gasses and waste heat resulting from manufacturing processes,
  • Minimizing energy losses via systematic measurement and monitoring.

Both Erdemir and Isdemir, for which energy costs comprise a major portion of input costs, hold ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification.

Competitive advantage from energy conservation

In energy-intensive sectors such as the steel industry, economical use and reduced consumption of energy leads to competitive advantage. To this end, OYAK Mining Metallurgy companies use all byproduct fuels from their manufacturing processes to replace the consumption of primary energy sources to the maximum extent possible. Erdemir and Isdemir have the capacity to generate nearly all of the electricity they use in their facilities. However, the companies monitor electricity market prices interactively and purchase their power requirements from the grid rather than generating internally during the hours it is more cost effective to do so.

Energy recovery projects

Initiating energy recovery projects to take advantage of waste heat as part of its energy conservation investments, İsdemir successfully completed the Renewal of Sinter Main Fan and Motor Systems, Sinter Circular Cooler Waste Heat Boiler and Descale Pump AC Driver capital investments. The company will achieve another round of major energy savings when the Cogeneration Plants, Additional Combustion System for the Waste Heat Boilers, Third Slab Furnace Modernization, Evaporative Cooling System (ECS) Modernization, and Blast Furnace Gas TRT System projects commence operation. Completing the economic feasibility study for switching to LED lighting, the Group formulated the implementation plans for Erdemir and Isdemir.

Superior quality standards

The superior environmental quality standards that İsdemir’s production facilities have reached as a result of the energy management initiatives the company has carried out uninterruptedly for many years and its laser focus on this key area were acknowledged with the “Most Efficient Thermal Plant” award presented at the 2011 International Energy and Environment Exhibition and Conference, held for the first time in Turkey.

Corporate Social Responsibility

OYAK Mining Metallurgy has constructed nine schools for Turkey to date.

OYAK Mining Metallurgy plans and implements its contributions to social development with the dual goal of reaching wider audiences and increasing the impact of the Company’s projects. Focusing on developing voluntary cooperation with state enterprises and public institutions as well as non-governmental organizations in education, health care and the environment, with a particular emphasis on educational oriented initiatives, OYAK Mining Metallurgy has constructed nine schools for Turkey to date. Supporting efforts to improve the physical conditions and technical equipment of educational institutions as well as the scientific research activities of universities in their respective regions, the Group’s companies offer internships to high school and university students, and organize trainings and competitions to raise awareness on occupational health and safety and the environment.

Our Projects

Taking Science to Society Project

This year, İsdemir introduced elementary and middle school students in Karadeniz Ereğli to the “Taking Science to Society Project” launched by Middle East Technical University’s Society and Science Research and Application Center. The project teaches the importance of science, acquaints students with the achievements of scientific thought, and reinforces learning through experimentation.

Steel and Life Sculpture Competition

In order to draw attention to the presence of steel in our lives using art as the conduit, to support young sculptors, and to contribute to art education, İsdemir Group held a National Steel Sculpture Student Competition around the theme “Steel and Life” for students in university sculpture departments in cooperation with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. The competition received 68 entries from 12 universities.

Children’s Theatre

İsdemir organized a children’s theatre for elementary school students to instill a love of live dramatic performances in youngsters who do not have access to a theatre facility in Ereğli. The project aimed to contribute to the intellectual and emotional development of youth by way of the arts, and help them acquire a taste for dramatic art, develop a sense of aesthetics, and foster social skills all at a young age. Held during the week of the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, this event was attended by nearly 800 area children. The Company also contributed to the Art Science Language Days activity of the Ereğli District National Education Directorate.

Other projects

OYAK Mining Metallurgy continues to undertake blood donation campaigns, with record participation by employees, as well as food, clothing and fuel assistance to the members of the community who are in need.

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