Environmental Policy

İsdemir’s short and long term strategies and policies and objectives reflect the importance it attaches to the environment. Environmental protection is a vital part of İsdemir’s management philosophy which is communicated to employees with İsdemir Management Systems Policy.

In 2004, İsdemir received TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and every year TSE inspections are carried out successfully. Feedback form such inspections are discussed at Management Review Meetings and necessary corrective actions are taken.

Fundamental Principles of our Environmental Policy

We conduct all processes in compliance with the laws and regulations, and we adopt a responsible and accountable management approach, which aims to create value for its stakeholders.

Our policy on Occupational Health and Safety, Quality, Environment, and Energy Management Systems is based on setting objectives, finding resources for achieving those objectives, ensuring continuous improvement, and raising awareness of our employees.

  • In line with the sustainable development approach, we make technical, economic, and commercial assessments in order to adopt technologies with minimum waste, and to protect our natural resources by using raw materials efficiently and effectively:
  • Monitoring, assessing, and continuously improving environmental impact of our processes in order to continuously improve our environmental performance,
  • Minimizing generation of wastes, developing and encouraging recovery, collecting and disposing of waste
  • Informing, raising awareness of and communicating with our social stakeholders, including our employees, clients, suppliers, our community and the state, on İsdemir’s environmental perspective, practices, and results.
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