One of the OYAK Mining Metallurgy companies, İsdemir is our country’s third oldest integrated iron and steel plant by its establishment date and the largest by its long product manufacturing capacity. İsdemir is Turkey's only integrated plant that produces long and flat products with a hot rolling capacity of 3.5 million tons/year commissioned in 2008.

İsdemir was established on 3 October 1970 by the Mediterranean coast in the south of Turkey, in Payas (Yakacık), 17 km to İskenderun. At the time, the plant was founded on a total area of 16.75 million m2, including social facilities (plant’s area: 6.8 million m2).

Commissioned in 1975 with a steel bloom production capacity of 1.1 million tons/year, İsdemir’s production capacity was increased with a plant extension to 2.2 million tons/year as of 1985.

Founded to produce long products such as pig iron, blooms, billets and reinforcing bars at international standards, İsdemir uses coke – sinter – blast furnace – steelworks – continuous casting and hot rolling processes for production.

Products are sold to the national market and exported all over the world, primarily to Southern Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

Thanks to Modernization and Transformation Investments (MTI), İsdemir started to produce flat products in addition to long products as of August 2008.

Playing a major role in increasing the production capacity for flat products, which are vital for development of the Turkish steel industry, İsdemir produces billets, wire rod, hot rolled coils and slab. In addition to these products, byproducts including coke, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, ammonium sulfate, granulated slag, tar and benzol are also produced.

All shares of İsdemir were transferred to Erdemir by the Turkish Privatization Administration with a Share Transfer Agreement dated 31 January 2002, on the condition that investments would be made for the transition to flat production. Following the acquisition of Erdemir by Oyak, İsdemir started to operate under OYAK as of 27 February 2006. Currently, 94,87% of İsdemir shares are owned by Erdemir and 5,13% by other shareholders.

Continuous development and making a difference in products and services by using novel technologies with a consciousness for the environment is a main principle for İsdemir, which completed its Modernization and Transformation Investments (MTI) that had started in 2004, and increased its initial liquid steel capacity of 2.2 million tons/year to 5.3 million tons/year. It also has an installed production capacity of 3.5 million tons/year for flat products, 0.6 million tons/year for coils and 2.5 million tons/year for billets as finished products.

Today, İsdemir is the country’s only integrated flat steel producer that is capable of producing both flat and long products.

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